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About us

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Structure and governance

The President

Cyrine Ben Romdhane Ben Mlouka words

«The Maghrebian Leading Women Network concretizes the ambition of Maghreb leaders to value their contribution to public life and local development and to create a dynamic of collaboration and dialogue between public and private actors of society and the cities of the Maghreb countries. 

This ambition was echoed by the International Association of Frenchspeaking Mayors (AIMF) and more particularly by Tunis city and Namur city. They have thus actively supported the establishment of the Maghrebian Leading Women Network. Today, the members of our network are firmly committed to actively working to promote "living together", at the country level, individually, but also throughout the Maghreb. Our actions will be oriented to promote the inclusion of women and young people, by facilitating the mobility and networking necessary for their economic inclusion, access to health services, education, culture. Our actions are also aimed at enabling cities to engage effectively and calmly with citizens and public action, taking into account climate challenges and the attributes of sustainable development, and by making technological innovation available. Achieving these goals requires laying the foundations for a friendly, fruitful, innovative and respectful collaboration. Our network will once again demonstrate the challenges of integrating the Maghreb region. »

President RFLM

Board of directors

Pays : Tunisie

Cyrine Ben Romdhane Ben Mlouka

MLWN President

Associate partner of the B2A Accounting Firm

Mail : cyrine.benmlouka@b2a.com.tn

Tél. : +216 23 32 51 11

Pays : Tunisie

Raoudha Lakhal Ben Saber

MLWN Vice President

Business executive operating in industry

Mail : r.bensaber@plastiform.com.tn

Tél. : +216 98 30 65 98

« Forum Tunisien des Leaders Maghrébines FTLM »

Pays : Tunisie

Leila Ben Gacem

MLWN Treasurer

Hotelier and consultant in local development

Mail : leila@bluefish.me

Tél. : +216 20 66 06 66

Pays : Tunisie

Najet Abdelkader

MLWN General Secretary in Algeria

Writer and consultant

Mail : najet.abdelkader.fakhfakh@gmail.com

Tél. : +216 20 30 99 09

Pays : Algérie

Samira Hadj Djilani Ben Souda

MLWN Vice President in Algeria

General Manager of a financial business consulting firm

Mail : hadkikilanisamira@hotmail.fr

Tél. : +213 661 53 24 40

Pays : Maroc

Heuda Guessous Farah

MLWN Vice President in Morocco

Commercial and Marketing director

Mail : heuda.guessous@gmail.com

Tél. : +212 661 49 71 59

Pays : Lybie

Amira Achourax

MLWN Vice President in Lybia

Business woman in travel agencies sector

Mail : amira_tour2001@yahoo.com

Tél. : +218 926 45 38 37

Pays : Mauritanie

Fatimetou Zahra Cheikh Abdallahi

MLWN Vice President in Mauritania

Program assistant : RIMRAP/DUE

Mail : abdallahizahra@gmail.com

Tél. : +222 31 59 59 59

Permanent Secretary

Pays : Tunisia

Souad Sassi

Director of the cooperative Tunis city

Other founding members

Pays : Tunisie

Aida Naccache Mohsen

MLWN Founding Member

Editor and founder of the publishing house Sagittaires éditions

Mail : najet.abdelkader.fakhfakh@gmail.com

Tél. : +216 96 02 63 46

Pays : Algérie

Nadjia Kabache

MLWN Founding member

Lawyer and expert consultant in business law

Mail : m.kebache@hotmail.fr

Tél. : +213 554 13 13 23

Pays : Mauritanie

Lyekhir Mint Hamoud

MLWN Founding Member

Head of claims processing center

Mail : h.lyekhair@elijawal.mr

Tél. : +222 46 41 31 57