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About us

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Women represent a major stake in the social, societal and economic development of the Maghreb. As they are experts, autonomous and supportive, they are ready to bravely take up the challenges of digital, economic and environmental development.

Our network, the MLWN

The Maghrebian Leading Women Network was created in June 2017 at the initiative of the International Association of French speaking Mayors with the aim of establishing a lasting partnership between the MLWN and towns.

The RFLM is both:

  • An independent, non-profit regional organization that supports the economic integration of the region including Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia.
  • An emanation of the will of leading women, sharing common values ​​and aiming to effectively help in taking the decisions that impact their environment, their daily life and their future, in compliance with the universal rules of human rights.

Our members

Wilful and engaged leading women from the five Maghreb countries. They are not only famous experts and recognized for their success in their own activity field but also tolerant and empathic, aspiring to realize the mission of the network.

Our mission

  • Creating an inter-Maghrebian reflection on women's development and economic integration policies and becoming a catalyst for gender equality.
  • Promoting civic education and cultural development of citizens in the humanistic spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Strengthening the action of the communities at the service of the economic, social, societal and cultural development of the populations.

Our fields of action

  • Education and culture
  • Peace, security and inclusion
  • Environment and renewable energies
  • Economy and job creation
  • Sports for local development


Be a representative movement of leading women with a credible and influential proposal force that enriches the debate, inspires and provokes socio-economic changes.


  • Solidarity and sharing

  • Trust

  • Intellectual honesty

  • Tolerance, mutual respect and acceptance of others

  • Engagement and perseverance

  • Modernity and openness


  • Create a dynamic of gathering, reconciliation and acceptance of the other in order to promote the integration of the Maghreb region,

  • Establish an economic model based on the principles of sustainable, economic, social and cultural development.

  • Promote any action that promotes dialogue and solidarity between women of the Maghreb

  • Encourage women and young people to become entrepreneurs in growing sectors and the digital economy, the green economy and the circular economy.

  • Participate, set up and support job-creating projects.

  • Connect the Maghreb countries for a better exchange of expertise between members and the creation of joint projects adapted to local specificities.

  • Act on civic education and citizens' culture by strengthening the presence of women in decision-making authorities.